Here are the top Lose Weight questions that are frequently asked by email, I have put them here so that you can read them too.

How  to safely lose weight?

Weight loss is a topic that receives a lot of attention and there are  thousands of products on the market that claim they will help you to lose weight, but you should ask this question, are they actually safe?  To safely lose weight and keep it off,  you have to do it slowly by losing one to two pounds per week, that’s why I recommend to follow the dieting principles of the program The 3 Week Diet.

Do I have to make exercise?

Yes, you have to make some exercise on a daily basis at least 30 minutes a day, you can do some walking, swimming or cycling, you will not only lose weight but get other benefits as better physical and mental health.

How can I get rid of my belly fat?

Getting rid of the belly fat is a combination of a healthy eating and doing exercise, it will take some work and effort on your part.  You can follow a diet program like the one recommended on this site.

How to find a good diet that actually works?

To find a good diet that actually works is not easy and can take some time to research.   What I can tell you is that the most important step is in you, you must have the will to follow a diet program and find time to do some exercise.  How much weight do you want to lose.  For a good diet program to follow you can go here.

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